About Comprehensive Psychiatric Care

Who We Are

We are an outpatient mental health facility that has served the Eastern CT community for over 30 years. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best mental health care in the least restrictive environment. Led by Board Certified psychiatrist Dr. Mahmoud Okasha, MD, CPC is a team of multi-dicinplinary mental health practitioners who work together to best serve the needs of our patients. Meet Our Team >


What We Do

We provide a full range of therapeutic, psychopharmalogical, clinical research, TMS and counseling services to an outpatient population. We are able to serve children, aged 4-18, as well as adults and seniors at our facility. Our therapists also work with families and couples, and we can conduct clinical assessments which provide diagnostic clarification for treatment or referral purposes. Get In Touch >


Treatment Options

CPC offers a range of mental health services, as we recognize that each patients’ needs are unique. The first step in the treatment process would be to determine your needs as an individual. People contact mental health professionals because they are looking for help, but oftentimes patients do not know exactly what they are looking for. We believe our job is to help inform you about the available treatment options. Practice Areas >

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Our Partners

W.W. Backus Hospital: Partial Hospitalization Program for Adults Inpatient care for Adult, Children and Adolescents Alcohol and substance Abuse Program
​​Nachaug Hospital: Partial Hospital Program for Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Thames Valley: PHP Children and Adolescents.
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** Announcement **
On January 23rd, our current electronic health system will transition to a new and advanced system to better serve you: Athena. Prior to the transition date, you will be sent a registration link to create a new patient account in Athena. If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your therapist, or call our office to speak to a staff member.